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How to Install WordPress on VPS Server completely 100% Free?


Let me show you how to install WordPress on VPS Server in 2 minutes completely 100% free. Follow these steps:

One is to get a VPS server. There are a lot of companies in this post. We will share with you how to work on

Why Contabo?

Contabo is quality VPS & dedicated servers company which incredible prices.

Simply because in our experience and today, we are handling more than half a million visits on my website. It is a better dot com and sever is hosted by Contabo in terms of pricing and resources. Contabo is the best we can see. We can start with six, seven dollars with four cores and eight gigabytes of RAM.

We don’t think that other service gives you same resources with this price. So, simply go to VPS and high performance VPS and select this VPS select no go down and here in the Apps and panels. Make sure to select Be ask on Linux. It will cost you 12 euros or 13 euros per month.

Believe me, it is cheapest service compare with anything you want. Then go down and enter a root password for your server. Then next and order this VPS. If you don’t have an account, just sign up.

I don’t want to waste your time now signing up, so I will log in and then order and pay in a couple of minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes on half. You will get an email from Contabo exactly like this one. You will have the IP address and you will have the access.

Step#2: Setup VPS Server

You are as step number two as the point and map your domain name to your VPS IP Address, simply copy the VPS IP Address here. Go to your domain provider and my case? It is Godaddy or Hostinger. You can choose and domain provider. Let’s say this one because the DNS settings and simply just change the main record click Edit the value, paste and save that. Now our domain is pointing to our VPS Server.

Step#3: Install WordPress

Look how easy it is. Follow these steps

  • Click on this address the burlesque admin panel
  • Simply Log in in with your route user and password and log in.
  • Click on Websites and Domains, you will see the screen is empty.
  • Click Add Domain and simply get your domain.
  • Then here copy and paste it then domain.
  • Click on this button “Install WordPress”.
  • Install WordPress, and here we are just make sure to enter a password here for your WordPress website. And there’s the username.
  • Just wait a little bit and your WordPress is successfully installed.

Add Free SSL Certificate

Now, Let’s add a free SSL Certificate to secure our website. Click here on no certificate. Get cell certificate. And then install a free basic certificate provided by let’s Encrypt and still get it free. We installed SSL Certificate on our domain. Let’s go back to websites and domains. Let’s open it. And here we are our WordPress website secure with us. What’s nice, you can simply add more domains, more websites on the same server so you can host multiple websites on this single server and save a lot of money and get high performance with this, VPS server of course, these are all you can scale up when you have more and more visitors. Also, you will have access to the mind section here, so you can create business emails, send email, receive emails in this bundle.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, you can always contact me on the comment section or simply join us on Telegram to chat to gather to help each other. I am more than happy to chat with you, and if it’s time on my website.

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