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How to Create a New Gmail Account with all settings in 2023?


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Gmail service is working starting around 2004, created by Paul Buchheit. Gmail has 1.5 billion active clients worldwide. Gmail is product of Google which provides us free email service. In this tutorial we tell you that how to create a new Gmail account with all setting in 2022. In Gmail account we can send and receive emails, make a contact List with fully detail of person, and other many tasks in Gmail. It is also provides free advertising web-mail services for Gmail clients. A Gmail account is using many other Google products like as, Google Drive, Google Meet, YouTube Google Calendar, Google Buzz etc. But Gmail has more features/setting that helps you for email services.

 Advantages of Gmail Account

There are some advantages of Gmail that as under:

  1. Fast compose and fast reply
  2. It’s 100% free service.
  3. 15 GB free storage space
  4. It has spam folder for clean your inbox
  5. Save to Google Drive
  6. 15 MB file size for attachment
  7. Fast searching by date
  8. Easily Access
  9. Google search functionality
  10. Worldwide Online meeting
  11. Easily connect with other Google Products

How to Create a New Gmail Account

Step 1: Open the Gmail page with type

Step 2: Click
“Create account”

Step 3: When
you click on Create account, then show its account option select this one

Step 4:
After that, Gmail account form will be appear, you fill this form with First
Name, Last Name, Username and choose the Password then click Next Button.

Step 5: After
that, verify your phone number and fill the next Date of Birth, Gender, then
click Next Button.

Step 6: Next
After that, you’re read Google Privacy and Terms then Click I Agree.

Your New
Gmail account has been ready. Show Gmail first windows.

How to
Sign out your Gmail Account?

Step 1:
Click on Profile icon in Gmail Inbox window at the right side on the top.

Step 2:
Click Sign out of all accounts button, now you’re currently Gmail account is
signed out.    


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