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Virtual University Admission Open – Spring 2023 Session


The Virtual University was founded by the government as a public sector, not-for-profit institution with a clear mission: to offer extremely affordable top-quality education to aspirant students nationwide. It is the first university in Pakistan to be entirely based on modern information and communication technologies. No matter where they are physically located, students can access the Virtual University’s demanding curricula through free-to-air satellite television broadcasts and the Internet. Thus, it tries to address both the severe scarcity of qualified academics in the nation as well as the lack of capacity in the current universities.

The Virtual University seeks to offer the best courses to both its own students and students at all other colleges around the nation by selecting the top professors in the nation, independent of their institutional affiliations and asking them to produce and present hand-crafted courses.

Pakistan’s first University based completely on modern Information and Communication Technologies

Announcement of Virtual University Admission Spring 2023 Session

The Virtual University of Pakistan has announced admission for the Spring 2023 session in undergraduate programs (BS-4 Years, Associate Degree-2 Year, 01-Year Diploma), with effect from Wednesday, February 15, 2023. The last date to apply for admission is Friday, April 07, 2023.  

Virtual University has outreach over a hundred cities

The University opened its virtual entryways in 2002 and in a limited capacity to focus time its effort has arrived at north of 100 urban communities of the country with more than a hundred and ninety related establishments giving framework backing to the understudies. Pakistani understudies living abroad in a few different nations of the district are likewise signed up for the University’s projects.

How to Apply? 

For Online Apply click the Following Button

VU Online Admission 2023

Here we are giving you complete information on how you can apply to a virtual university.   Please follow these steps:

1. Students will have to use their ID card/B.form and email address for registration of application in the Login/Sign-up/admission portal to apply online.

2. The students apply for admission through the online application system to the Virtual University website. 
3. The students are required to scan all documents and attach the complete readable with the online admission application form.
4. The photograph upload of students with the admission application form. 

Admission Schedule- Spring 2023 Session

Description Day Date
Admission Open – Spring 2023 Wednesday February 15, 2023
Last Date to apply for Admissions Friday April 07, 2023
Last Date to apply for Course Exemption Friday April 07, 2023

Academic Programs – Spring 2023 Session

1. Faculty of Arts

  1. BS Mass Communication
  2. BS Economics
  3. BS English (Applied Linguistics)
  4. BS Psychology **
  5. BS Sociology
  6. Associate Degree in Arts (equivalent to old BA Program)
  7. Associate Degree in Mass Communication
  8. Associate Degree in Psychology
  9. Diploma in Applied Psychology
  10. Diploma in Television Production
  11. Diploma in English Language Teaching (ELT)
  12. Diploma in Linguistics

2. Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

  1. BS Computer Science
  2. BS Information Technology
  3. BS Software Engineering
  4. Associate Degree in Computer Science
  5. Associate Degree in Computer Networking
  6. Associate Degree in Database Management system
  7. Associate Degree in Web Design and Development
  8. Diploma in Computer Science
  9. Diploma in Information Technology

3. Faculty of Education

  1. B.Ed. (Hons.) Elementary
  2. B.Ed. (Hons.) Early Childhood Care and Education
  3. B.Ed. Elementary 2.5-Year
  4. B.Ed. Secondary 1.5-Year
  5. Associate Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education
  6. Associate Degree in Education
  7. Associate Degree (in service) Education 1 Year
  8. Diploma in Education

4. Faculty of Management

  1. BS Business Administration
  2. Bachelor in Business & Information Technology (BBIT)
  3. BS Commerce
  4. BS Public Administration
  5. Associate Degree in Commerce
  6. Associate Degree in Business Administration
  7. Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance
  8. Associate Degree in Islamic Banking
  9. Associate Degree in Human Resource Management
  10. Associate Degree in Operations Management
  11. Associate Degree in Sales and Marketing
  12. Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management
  13. Diploma in Accounting
  14. Diploma in Accounting & Finance
  15. Diploma in Business Administration
  16. Diploma in Banking & Finance
  17. Diploma in Finance
  18. Diploma in Public Administration
  19. Diploma in Marketing Management
  20. Diploma in Entrepreneurship & SME Management
  21. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  22. Specialization Certificate (areas; Banking, Finance, HRM, Management, and Marketing)

5. Faculty of Science & Technology

  1. BS (Bioinformatics)*
  2. BS (Biotechnology)*
  3. BS (Zoology)*
  4. BS (Mathematics)
  5. Associate Degree in Science (equivalent to old B.Sc)
  6. Diploma in Molecular Biology*
  7. Diploma in Bioinformatics*
*Limited Seats on Merit Basis – Only within Pakistan.
** Only within Pakistan.
Each city will have its own merit. If any student wants to apply for more than one city, he/she must apply separately. They will not allow going for practicals other than merit city after admission.

Lab Cities (For Biological Science Programs)

Lab Cities (For Biological Sciences Programs)

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