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How to show Hidden Items and File Name Extensions in windows 10?

Windows 10 doesn’t already have built-in hidden items (Files,
), and file name extensions show. But we will show you in this post
how to show hidden items and file name extensions in Windows 10. First, let’s go
that how to show hidden files and folders.

Hidden Files or Folders

First, we will show you how to hide a file or folder and
then how to see it. Now here we select a file. Which we hide first then see it.
We select MS Word file in D: Drive namely “Posting” which has a 15 KB size. See
in D: Drive Window below:

Steps to
Hide File or Folder

1. Open the D: Drive

2. Right Click of Posting MS Word file then click Properties

3. Click on the Hidden check box then click Apply and OK.

The Posting MS Word file has been hidden. Now we check whether this
file is hidden or not.

Steps to
Show hidden file or folder

1. Open the D: Drive where you hide the Posting MS Word file

2. Click on the View Menu then click the Hidden Items check. The
Posting MS Word file will only show not unhide. 

Note: For more information about Unhide the File or
Folder, you can review our post on How to Unhide the Files or Folders in
Windows 10?

Show File Name Extensions

When you want to see hidden files and folders, first you
have to open the same folder. Then consider the options below: 

1. Right-click on the Start button then click File Explorer or open
the window of any folder

Open a new window of File Explorer by (Holding down the
Windows Key and pressing E from the keyboard)

1. Click the View Menu

2. Click the check box on File Name Extensions

The file name extensions will be shown above picture. 


We have created this post for the
newbies who are beginners to windows 10. It is designed to develop tips
and tricks to enhance your knowledge. Also, you can review our post about the Tips and Trick category. If there is any kind of lack in this post or if liked it,
please comment to us. Thanks

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