Uses of computer

Uses of computer

The computer is playing a very important role in every field of life. The uses of computers are everywhere such as at home, at school. In daily life, a large number of activities are dependent on computers. The main fields where the uses of the computer are playing a very important role are:

1. Education

Education is the process of developing knowledge through instructions. The instructions are received from people such as parents, teachers, etc., and from printed material such as books, journals, etc. Today, the modern technology to get the knowledge is by using computers.

Uses of computer in Education

Almost in all schools’ computers are used in classrooms and labs to teach students. Many educators prefer to deliver their lectures by computer-based presentations. In schools, colleges, and universities, students use software packages to complete their assignments.

Computer-based training (CBT) or presentation is also called computer-aided instruction (CAI). In this method, the computer is used as an aid to teaching the students in the classroom. The instructions of a particular subject are received from the instructions that use a program presented by a computer as a learning medium. Web-based training (WBT) is another type of CBT that uses internet technology. It means that many websites provide online education. A lot of material on different topics is available on these websites. They also provide online lectures and tutorials for the students. CBT and WBT are used in business education centers to educate people. People can get knowledge at a very low cost as well as in a very short period of time.

2. E-Commerce

E-commerce (electronic commerce), e-trade, or e-business is a financial business transaction conducted electronically between business partners over a computer network (such as on the Internet). With E-commerce, transactions can occur instantaneously and globally. This saves time for participants on both ends. The users can buy, sell and exchange of products or services via computer network. Today, many mobile computers can also access the internet using wireless links.

Uses of computer in E-commerce

There are many applications of E-commerce such as banking, buying stocks, collaborating electronically with business partners around the globe, marketing and advertising products, providing services to the customers etc.

There are several types of E-commerce like collaborative commerce business-to-commerce, consumer-to-consumer, mobile commerce etc.

3. Entertainment

The computer has also played a very important role for the entertainment of humans. Computer has become need of humans for entertainment at their home. For example, to play video games at home, different game software is available to play games. Similarly, software is available to see movies and enjoy music. Today the movie files and famous songs are mostly available on CDs or on the web at very low cost. You can listen music while you work on the computer.

Uses of computer in Entertainment

On the web, you can view fine art images in online museums and galleries. Some artists sell their works online and others display them for your viewing pleasure.

4. Mathematical Calculations

A computer has a speed of calculating millions of calculations per second. We can perform the large mathematical calculations in very short time.

Uses of computer in Mathematical Calculations

5. E-Banking (Electronic Banking)

one of the most popular uses of e-commerce is electronic banking. An electronic banking is also known as cyber-banking. It includes various banking activities conducted from home, a business, or on the road instead of a physical bank location. In all over the world, about 96 percent banks are online.

Uses of computer in E-banking

6. E-Mail (Electronic Mail)

It is most popular services through which we can electronically send and receive messages anywhere in the world. The spoken messages are sent and received through voice mail.

Uses of computer in E-mail

7. Video Conferencing

A video conference is a meeting between two or more people residing at various place. They can watch and talk with each other. They use a network (i.e. Internet). To participate in a video conference, you need a video camera, a microphone, speaker and software (special video conferencing software). Video conferencing also need a computer with a large memory and fast processor.

Uses of computer in Video conferencing

Video conferencing provides a complete simulation of a normal meeting environment, enabling both parties to see, hear and present material, just as if they are in the same room.

8. Science

Computer is used in all branches of science to collect and analyze data. the scientists also use internet to collect the latest information around the world. Today, it is impossible to carry out scientific researches without use of computers. In all branches of science, it is mainly used to het accurate experimental results for examples to get accurate forecasting of weather etc.

Uses of computer in Science

9. Maintaining Patient History and other Records

The complete bio-data, as well as the medical history of a patient, is recorded into the computer before checkup of the patient. The complete medical history is delivered to the related doctor for the check-up of the patient. In this way, much of the doctor’s time is saved.

Uses of computer in Maintaining Patient History

In addition to patient history, other information about doctors, medicines, chemicals and equipment is also maintained. It is very easy and efficient way to organize records than paper-based records. Any information about patients, doctors, equipment etc. can be retrieved very easily and quickly. In hospitals, mostly all the medical wards are interconnected through network. For example, if a patient is allocated a specific ward but being examined by a consultant and receiving treatment in other areas (wards) of the hospital, his detail can be viewed and updated at any terminal on the hospital’s computer network.

10. Patient Monitoring

The electronic scanning units (medical equipment) used in hospitals can also be attached to computers. These are very expensive and are used to monitor the patient continuously. Thus, computers are normally used in the following medical units of hospitals.

Uses of computer in Patient Monitoring

  • ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
  • Operation Theater
  • Recovery Room
  • Medical Ward
  • EDG (Electro cardiology)

The medical equipment with sensors attached to the patient detects changes in heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, breathing, and brain activity. If any unbalancing situation occurs, the computer activates the alarming device, which creates sound and alerts the medical staff. The data is also logged and used to analyze the change in a patient’s condition over a period of time.

11. Diagnoses of Disease

The computer is also used in hospital for diagnosis. For example, laboratory tests on blood and tissue chemistry have become dependent on computer analysis.

Uses of computer in Diagnosis of Diseases

One common use of computers in hospitals is to scan the body of patients. A special scanner is used for this purpose. A scanner sends electromagnetic rays through a patient body and sensors detect that how much the patient’s body has affected by any type of cancer (or disease).

12. Computer-Aided Surgery (CAS)

Many surgeons also use computer-aided surgery while they are in training. It is used to learn surgical techniques. The physicians and dentists also use the computer-aided learning (CAL) program.

Uses of computer in Computer-Aided Surgery (CAS)

Many websites also provide up-to-date medical, fitness, etc., information. These websites also maintain databases about various problems and their solutions. There are also medical chat rooms on the internet.

13. Publishing

In the field of publishing, the computer is playing a very important role such as publishing books, magazines and newspapers, etc. The publishers use a computer and word processors and graphics software to design pages of the books or magazines. Many writers and publishers use the internet to collect information that is used for compiling a new book or magazine. Some websites allow you to download an entire book, called an electronic book (e-book). The journalists also use notebook computers and digital cameras to capture and record news.

Uses of computer in Publishing

14. Traveling

The Computer is also playing a very important role in traveling by car or airplane to arrive easily and safely at your destination. Today many vehicles manufactured use special electronic equipment’s in the car that controls various activities of the car. These cars have a GPS (Global Position System) receiver that reports your vehicle’s location. These cars also have “Onboard Navigation System” that have the following features.

Uses of computer in Travelling
  • Track the vehicle if it is stolen
  • Provide emergency services
  • Provide directions
  • Provide roadside assistance
  • Perform remote diagnostics if a warning light appears on the dashboard

Today many vehicles also include options such as screens with e-mail and internet access, printers, fax capability etc. Airlines also provide online access. The passengers can connect their notebook or hand held computer to the web durung their glights. Some airlines also provide web surfing devices to their passenger during their flights.

Computers are also used in cars to monitor fluid levels, temperatures, electrical systems etc. It is also used to monitor the air traffic etc.

15. Government

A government runs the country by making policies and provides citizens with up-to-date information. The computers are used in all government departments have their own websites. The computers are used in all government offices to perform various activities. The government agencies use computers as part of their daily routine.

Uses of computer in Government

16. Home

Like other electronic devices used in the home such as T.V set, washing machine, etc., the computer has also become the need of every person at home. It is used at home as an educational tool for children. But it is also used at home to keep records, write letters, prepare budgets, connect with others to send and get information on the internet, to watch films and to listen to music or other entertainment, etc.

17. Agriculture

In the agriculture field also, the computer is playing a very important role. Agricultural scientists use computers for analyzing agricultural data. The students of agriculture also use a computer to get the latest information about agriculture on the internet. The farmer also uses a computer to get information about crops and to calculate bills and cost per acre as well as to get information about crops market prices.

Uses of computer in Agriculture

18. Energy

Energy companies use computers to locate or search oil, natural gas, and uranium. Similarly, electric power companies use computers to monitor power networks. In addition, meter readers use and handheld computers to record the units consumed in homes and businesses.

Uses of computer in Energy

19. Industry

In industry, computers are used to control the manufacturing system and continuous running of the machinery. Computers also help in monitoring temperature, pressure, check the quality and accuracy and measurement needed in the manufacturing process.

Uses of computer in Industry

In industry, robots are used to perform most of the activities. A robot is an automatic programmable machine that moves and performs mechanical tasks. It means that a robot acts like a human being. The robot can work in an environment that is dangerous for a human being such as opening chemical packages and packages believed to contain bombs. It can perform repetitive tasks continuously without any break, at a very high accuracy than humans. Robots can also be used in hundreds of application such as:

  • Assembling & spray-painting cars
  • Lifting of heavy equipment’s power cables etc.
  • Performing experiments in artificial satellite and radioactive environment etc.

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