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Lesson # 1: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

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In this lesson, we offer to complete Microsoft Excel step by step 100% free. You can search for the Introduction to Microsoft Excel lesson below. Technical Fresh Guru makes an easy way to learn Microsoft Excel. Don’t worry this is the best place to learn MS Excel of beginners. 

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that has to contain rows & columns, it consists of 1048576 rows and 16384 columns. MS Excel is used to sort data, graphically show data, and perform all financial, and mathematical operations and calculations. Microsoft Excel is one of the Applications of Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Office has many applications i.e. MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Outlook, MS OneNote, MS Publisher, and others. But here we offer Lesson # 1 Introduction to Microsoft Excel.

How to start MS Excel

Now, we get started! first of all, click to Start button and drag it down and click MS Excel 2016. Then Microsoft Excel window is open. Also, let us know that we are using Microsoft Excel.

Start MS Excel

Microsoft Excel display.

Microsoft Excel All View

You can see all options of Microsoft Excel. You search out these features.

  • Tabs
  • Ribbon
  • Group
  • Cell
  • Cell Address
  • Rows
  • Columns
  • Formula Bar
  • Workbook
  • Worksheet
  • Add a new Sheet Button
  • Status Bar
  • Scroll Bar Horizontal
  • Scroll Bar Vertically
  • View Button
  • Zoom in-out

Features of MS Excel

We have divided some features. Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formula, Data, Review, View tabs. We work in MS Excel with these use tabs for each work.

  • Home: Under the Home tab has seven Groups. In this Home tab, we use font style, font size, bold, italic, underline, and text color, and also use the alignment of text, heading style, find, filter and sorting, etc.
  • Insert: Under the Insert tab has ten Groups. In this Insert tab, we use insert tables & pictures,  illustrations, add-ins, charts, tours, sparklines, filters, links, text, and symbols.
  • Page Layout: Under the Page Layout, the tab has five Groups. In this Page Layout, we use theme, page setup, scale to fit, sheet option, and arrange.
  • Formulas: Under the Formula, the tab has four Groups. In this Formula tab, we use the function library, define names, formula Auditing, and calculation.
  • Data: Under the Data tab has seven Groups. In this Data tab, we use get external data, get & transform, connection, sort & filter, data tools, forecast, and outline.
  • Review: Under the Review tab has five Groups. In this Review tab, we use proofing, insight, language, comments, and changes.
  • View: Under the View tab has five Groups. In this View tab, workbook view, show, zoom, windows, macro. We show the sheets in different views & zoom in-out and create a Macro.
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Benefits of using MS Excel

MS Excel is widely used for a variety of purposes because it is easy to store data and you can add and remove information without any discomfort or effort. Some important benefits of using MS Excel are below:

Easy to store data:

Due to the unlimited amount of information that can be stored in spreadsheets, MS Excel is often used to store data and analyze usage data. Filtering information in Excel is easy and convenient. 

Applying Formulas:

The formula options in MS Excel make calculations easier and less time-consuming.

More secure:

These spreadsheets can be password protected on your laptop or PC and are much less likely to be lost compared to the data written to the register or paper.

Data in one place:

Previously, you had to save the data in separate files and registers when the paperwork was completed. This has become practical because you can add multiple worksheets to a single MS Excel file. 

Overview of MS Excel Range

Excel Row column Cell

In this section, we give an overview of the following importance of Range tasks operations. Look above sheet top of the bar given columns and the left side is given rows.  

Cell Range

A row and column together make a cell. Look above in sheet B2 is Cell. B is a column and 2 is a row.

Row Range

Select row 4, and click on row header the range of row 4 is a full range at the end of the column.

MS Excel Row Range
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Column Range

Select column C, and click on the column header the range of the C column is a full range at the end of the row.

MS Excel Column Range

MS Excel – Key Points

There are a few things you need to know about MS Excel, its applications, and how to use it.

  • MS Excel files are saved with a .xlsx extension. You more about show extensions read “How to show file name extension?
  • Companies or firms with a large number of employees and workers use MS Excel because it makes it easier to store employee information.
  • Excel spreadsheets are also used in schools, colleges, and universities to make it easier to store student information and conveniently delete it when the academic history is deleted.
  • The sheet, you work on is called a worksheet no workbook.  
  • You can add multiple worksheets to one Excel file or you can say workbook.

Thanks for reading this post next Lesson on MS Excel is uploaded, click this Microsoft Excel Basics

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