Show-Hide file name extension in windows 10

How to show File Name Extension in windows 10?

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Today in this post we will show you how to show file name extensions in Windows 10. And how can you hide it? Windows 10 doesn’t already have by default file extension shows. But we will show you in this blog.


Basically, the extension files are accessible. The three characters that come after the file .xxx are called extensions۔ This extension will tell you in which program or software this file is created and in which program it will be open. 

Let’s get started, follow the steps below.

  • Open a new window of File Explorer by (Holding down the Windows Key and pressing E from the keyboard) or right-click on the start menu then clicking File Explorer
Windows File Explorer
  • Click on the View Menu
  • Click the check box on File Name Extensions
File Explorer
  • After that, your all files show with extensions. see below:
File Extensions

How to Hide the file name extensions in Windows 10?

If we hide these file name extensions then use the same way of show file extensions in windows 10. Simply Just Un-check in View Menu. The file extensions will be hidden.  

un check file name extensions

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