Make Money Online 5 to 7.50 Dollar Per Day

Today, we tell you how to make money online from $5 to $7.50 per day without and paid membership in this post. If you have a computer and Internet connection, you can make money online at home for males and females. The work will be easier just by ads clicking. Therefore, if you looking for an easy way to make money online in a short time, consider the following website.   Introduction

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How You Connect to the Internet

Introduction In this post, we tell you how you connect to the Internet? All modern computers and laptops are capable of connecting to the internet, as are many other devices, including mobiles, tablets, e-readers, televisions, and video games consoles.  First of all, we overview about Internet.  What is Internet? The Internet is a collection of computer networks that connects millions of computers around the world. Internet is a Global Network, which provides users access to the information available throughout the world.  In simple terms, the Internet is any computer linked…

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Computer Hardware and Software

Introduction In this lesson, you will learn about hardware and software course in depth. Physically a computer is a combination of different hardware devices such as a System Unit/CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, etc. And you will also understand software basics and its types, the operating system, its basic functions, utility programs, device drivers, and different types of application software. Computer Components and their Functions The computer has main two components as are under:HardwareSoftware Introduction of Hardware In the previous post Introduction to Computer, we have already the definition of…

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